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Knoxville Raceway Fan Information

We want your visit to Knoxville Raceway to be a relaxing, carefree and unique getaway for the whole family. To help you have the best experience possible, we've shared information below that you may find helpful for your planning. 

Grandstand Rules:  You may take one non-alcoholic beverage, per person, into the grandstands. Firearms, umbrellas, pets, bottles, glass, cans, coolers, and metal stadium seats are prohibited in grandstands. Small, collapsable, coolers are allowed. Foam and rubber seat cushions, 20 inches or less are allowed. There is no smoking in the grandstands. This includes the e-cigarettes. There are designated smoking areas under the grandstands. To ensure safety of all Guests, carry-in items will be inspected prior to entrance. You may carry in a backpacks, bags, purses, etc. No strollers are allowed in the grandstands and children of all ages must have their own tickets to enter for the NOS Energy Drink Knoxville Nationals. There is no early entry to save seats for events with Reserved and General Admission Seating. The Family Section is I/J. There is no drinking in this section for all events except the NOS Energy Drink Knoxville Nationals. There are no refunds or exchanges. Please check date and times for any rescheduled events. 

Golf Carts & ATV's
- Golf Carts & ATV's are welcome on the Knoxville Raceway grounds but are not allowed in the pits. The Golf Cart station during the Nationals will be in the Skate Pit. Hours of operation will be posted. All golf carts & atv's will be required to be registered and must display a $25 Knoxville Raceway 2019 Golf Cart Permit. Proof of insurance must be proven to require a sticker. Golf Cart & ATV's parking is along the building in the far south parking lot and at the backstretch on the concrete along the fence. City Rules and application for permit is at this site:

Handicapped Parking
- Is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. It is located on the Northside of the fence and behind Dyer-Hudson Hall of the south entrace road. Handicap Parking is also available on the back stretch on the concrete along the fence. Regular race nights it is $5 and on Special Shows it is $10.

Motorcycle Parking -
Motorcycle Parking is located in the south parking lot. For regular shows it is $5. Special Shows it is $10. During the NOS Energy Drink Knoxville Nationals parking is located between the brick wall out front and the sidewalk directly across the road from Dingus Lounge. This is FREE parking. 

Pit Passes -
Pit Passes for regular race nights are $25. During the NOS Energy Drink Knoxville Nationals the price is $50 a night. Please check the event schedule for Special Event Pricing.
Children 17 & must have a Minor Release and Waiver of Liability form signed by parent/legal guardian. If the form is not signed in the presence of a Knoxville Raceway official, it must be notorized. Waiver with the Notary of Public is located at this link:
hildren 11 & under must remain in the fenced in area between 1 & 2 or inside trailer/hauler. They are not allowed to be around the cars or walking around the pits.

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