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Supporting safety: KRCO

The Knoxville Racing Charitable Organization (KRCO) is a non-profit organization that was created approximately 24 years ago by several sprint car drivers’ wives in order to provide additional safety equipment (for the cars and drivers) and additional insurance for those that race weekly at Knoxville and are in the Knoxville Raceway Points.

During the 2020 season, KRCO provided drivers who finished in the points at Knoxville Raceway with
1.) Insurance from STIDA. 
2.) $1,000 gift certificates from Jocko's Sprint Parts for safety equipment for their 2020 racing season..

During the 2021 season, KRCO will continue to provide insurance and safety equipment to drivers as a thank you for racing at Knoxville Raceway and their continued support.

KRCO also provided several lump sum payments to drivers that were hurt in accidents at the Knoxville Raceway as well as other tracks throughout the 2018 season.

KRCO is a Volunteer non-profit organization that raises money through the sales of 50/50 tickets in the grandstands and pits during the race season. KRCO has several 501c(3) organizations selling 50/50 tickets for them during the weekly shows and at the 360 and 410 Nationals. KRCO makes a donation to those organizations at the end of the race season in appreciation of assisting with the 50/50 sales.  The winning ticket holder each night receives 50% of the total money for the night and the remainder money goes into our driver's safety fund.

KRCO also holds an annual fundraiser that includes a silent and live auction. This is where they raise a majority of their money for the Driver's fund. The fundraiser will be held this year on February 27, 2021, at Dyer-Hudson Hall located at the Knoxville Raceway grounds. The event is free to public. Doors open at 4 PM. Food and drinks are available for purchase. Last year they raised over $19,000.00. KRCO is still accepting donations. Please contact Maureen Nichols at 641-891-7095 or email KRCO at if you would  like to donate any items for the auctions.

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The current board members are: 
Maureen Nichols-  President
Denise Emal - Vice President
Patty Van Haaften - Secretary
Lisa Seddon - Treasurer
Brooke Nott - Board Member
Gennifer Bach - Board Member