Knoxville Championship Cup Series

Knoxville Raceway 410, 360 and 305 point series

The Lucas Oil Knoxville Championship Cup Series is the 305, 360 and 410 point series for Knoxville Raceway. This series continues to be the premier weekly sprint car event in the United States. Sponsorship from Lucas Oil has helped make both the weekly purse and point funds unequaled in weekly racing venues.

Distributing over $39,000 at each weekly event, this series awards over a quarter of a million dollars annually in prizes and merchandise.

Using the drama of the coveted Champion title, the Lucas Oil Knoxville Championship Cup Series promotes both teams and individual drivers.

The heart and soul of sprint car racing is truly the drivers and teams who compete each week at Knoxville Raceway. They work hard to bring fans the best racing in the country.  Many of the top drivers who've competed at Knoxville Raceway have gone on to compete and win championships with the World of Outlaws, IndyCar and NASCAR.

Throughout the season, fan festivities such as driver autograph sessions, simulator car rides, contests and many other activities take place both on and off site.

410 Purse on Regular Race Nights - 2017

B Main: 1st-6th-Transfer; 7th-$300; 8th-$200; 9th-$150; 10th-End-$100 

A Main: 1st-$4000; 2nd-$3000; 3rd-$2500; 4th-$2200; 5th-$1500; 6th-$1100; 7th-$1000; 8th-$950; 9th-$900; 10th-$850; 11th-$800; 12th-$750; 13th-$700; 14th-$650; 15th-20th-$600 21st-24th-$500

Mid-Season and Season Championship Feature Purse: 1st-$5000; 2nd-$3000; 3rd-$2500; 4th-$2200; 5th-$1500; 6th-$1100; 7th-$1000; 8th-$950; 9th-$900; 10th-$850; 11th-$800; 12th-$750; 13th-$700; 14th-$650; 15th-20th-$600 21st-24th-$500

360 Purse on Regular Race Nights

B Main: 1st-6th-Transfer; 7th-$150; 8th-$125; 9th-End-$100

A Main: 1st-$1250; 2nd-$1000; 3rd-$700; 4th-$550; 5th-$425; 6th-$350; 7th-$325; 8th-$300; 9th-$290; 10th-$280; 11th-$270; 12th-$260; 13th-24th-$250

Mid-Season and Season Championship Feature Purse: 1st-$1500; 2nd-$1250; 3rd-$1000; 4th-$700; 5th-$550; 6th-$500 7th-$450; 8th-$425; 9th-$400; 10th-$375; 11th-$350; 12th-$325; 13th-$300; 14th-$275; 15th-24th-$250

305 Purse

A Main: 1st-$400; 2nd-$300; 3rd-$250; 4th-$200; 5th-$175; 6th-$150; 7th-$125; 8th-20th-$100; 21st-24th-$75.

Mid-Season and Season Championship Feature Purse: 1st-$500; 2nd-$400; 3rd-$300; 4th-$250; 5th-$200; 6th-$175; 7th-$150; 8th-$125; 9th-20th-$100; 21st-24th-$75

Point Structure for All Classes (Weekly shows)

Time Trials - Quick time 1st-140; 2nd-135; 3rd-130; 4th-125; 5th-120; 6th-115; 7th-110; 8th-105; 9th-100

Heat Points - 1st-20; 2nd-18; 3rd-16; 4th-14; 5th-12; 6th-10; 7th-8; 8th-6; 9th-4; 10th-2

B Main Points – Transfers to A main: 0, First Non-transfer 20, Next Non-transfer 18, and so on…16, 14, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2

A Main Points - 1st-200; 2nd-190; 3rd-180; 4th-170; 5th-160; 6th-150; 7th-140; 8th-130; 9th-120; 10th-110; 11th-100; 12th-95; 13th-90; 14th-85; 15th-80; 16th-75; 17th-70; 18th-65; 19th-60; 20th-55; 21st-50; 22nd-45; 23rd-40; 24th-35; 25th-30; 26th-25; 27th-20; 28th-15

*Drivers/Owners can miss a maximum of two point shows to remain eligible for points.  We will once again award drivers and owners points for additional approved (up to two) as is mentioned in the 2017 rule book under medical and unforeseen circumstances.

*For World of Outlaws shows and Capitani Classic for 410's, 200 points will be awarded to the driver. If the driver earns over 200 points, they will keep them.  That will also be the case for the July 29th show for the 360 class.

*There will be two non-point nights for the 410's in 2017.  They are the night of the Jackson Nationals (our USAC show on June 3) and the King's Royal (July 15).

*Feature Alternates or Provisionals receive no track points.

*If a driver competes in multiple classes, they can only receive points in one.  Owners can receive points in multiple classes.


Race Night Lineup Point Structure

We use a point system to determine our feature lineups for all sprint car classes on weekly race nights.  Drivers start with time trials and are awarded the following points:

Time Trials - 1. 200 2. 198 3. 196 4. 194 5. 192 6. 190 7. 188 8. 186 9. 184 10. 182 11. 180 12. 178 13. 176 14. 175 15. 174 16. 173 17. 172 18. 171 19. 170 20. 169 etc.

Heats have an invert of six, with quick time starting outside row one of the first heat, second quick starting outside of row three of the second heat, and so on.

Drivers are awarded points for their heat finishes:

Heats - 1. 100 2. 96 3. 92 4. 88 5. 84 6. 80 7. 76 8. 72 9. 68 10. 64 11. 60 12. 56

The driver accumulating the most points through qualifying and the heat race, will draw for a feature lineup invert.  The invert options are 0 (high point man starting on the pole), 4 (starting the feature outside row two), 6 (starting the feature outside row three) and 8 (starting the feature outside row four).  The second highest driver in points will start on the same row inside, third highest in points will start outside the row in front of them, and so on. 

Drivers starting outside the invert will line “heads up” by their point totals.  Starting with the B main, drivers will be lined up by their qualifying time.