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A lifelong passion, Dan Henning’s introduction to life in 1984 had racing written all over it starting at a young age. His grandfather Jerry Witt had owned stock cars in the 1970's while owning and operating his own Automotive parts Business and Machine Shop for over 20 years in Chariton, Iowa.

As Dan grew a little older his introduction to racing continued in 1988 alongside the famed 43 Pontiac the King drove at the time. As a young child it was almost tradition to sit down and watch the Daytona 500 as it was around the time of his birthday and a child never forgets that. As his family’s enthusiasm for motorsports grew so did Dan’s. At the age of 8 his grandfather had purchased a yard kart for him to drive in the back yard. At age 12 he was in the stands watching Stock car races and winged Sprint cars. The saying goes the more things change the more they remain the same, and at age 14 (1999) he was racing of all things a flat track motorcycle, but never looking back from there. At the age of 18 (2001) Dan had finally found something he really enjoyed racing with four wheels, and the introduction to Karting was a new experience in all its own. Somehow your passion for speed grows as you get older and things start to change. While racing karts, Dan graduated high school and attended a Community College learning a lifelong skill in the Machinists program and landing a job in the field of CNC and Manual machining operations. This later formed what is now Dan Henning Racing where we specialize in Racing Graphics -Sign work for Business and fleet vehicles, and in 2009 expanding his services to building racing wings for – QRC box stocks – QRC intermediate and 125/500 karts and our most popular, Micro Sprint nose wings and top wings for all classes of racing. In 2013 he also branched out to offer custom part fabrication for micro sprints and other vehicles.

Dan enters his fourth season racing sprints at Knoxville in 2018. He qualified for points in 2016, and took home the "Lyle Boyd Hard-charger Award" in the 305 class.

305 Point Standing by Year:

2018 - 11th, 2016 - 11th


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