Welcome to championship Saturday of the 58th Annual 5-hour ENERGY Knoxville Nationals! This is it! The "Grandaddy of them All!" There are still tickets available so get here! You can find live lineups, results and stories here. If you're interested in the PPV, visit!

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410 Class


D Main

12 Laps Completed
Pos. Car Name, Hometown Time Points
1. 70 Dave Blaney High Point, NC No Time 0
2. 71X Kevin Thomas Jr. Cullman, AL No Time 0
3. 7C John Carney II El Paso, TX No Time 0
4. 95 Matt Covington Glenpool, OK No Time 0
5. 99G Skylar Gee Leduc, ALB, Can. No Time 0
6. 9R Rager Phillips Pleasantville, IA No Time 0
7. 17W Harli White Lindsay, OK No Time 0
8. 3P Sawyer Phillips Pleasantville, IA No Time 0
9. 9X Jake Bubak Arvada, CO No Time 0
10. 15M Bobby Mincer Burlington, IA No Time 0
11. 71A RJ Johnson Tampa, FL No Time 0
12. 17B Bill Balog Hartland, WI No Time 0
13. 7 Carson McCarl Altoona, IA No Time 0
14. 84 Tom Harris Banbury, OXFD, UK No Time 0
15. 25 Bobby McMahan Elk Grove, CA No Time 0
16. 2K Kevin Ingle Huron, SD No Time 0
17. 28P Brian Paulus Mooresville, IN No Time 0
18. 18J Jenna Frazier Rio Linda, CA No Time 0
19. 10 Clyde Knipp California, MO No Time 0
Starting Order: 7C, 70, 71X, 95, 9R, 99G, 7, 17W, 15M, 9X, 28P, 71A, 25, 3P, 2K, 84, 17B, 10, 18J, 85
12 laps will be the distance, top 6 move on to the C...Blane.y leads early over Carney, Covington, Thomas Jr., Thomas Jr. up to 3rd...Gee is holding down teh sixth and final transfer...C McCarl stops on the frontstretch...Five down, 7 to go, Blaney leads Carney, Thomas Jr., Covington, R Phillips, S Gee, White, Bubak, Mincer and S Phillips...KTJ penalized one spot for jumping...KTJ back up to 3rd and looking good...Thomas now up to 2nd...Paulus stops in turn three...7 down, 5 to go, Blaney leads Thomas, Carney, Covington, R Phillips and Gee...Gee by R Phillips or 5th...Covington is all over Carney for 3rd...Gee up to 5th...Blaney holds off KTJ...


C Main

15 Laps Completed
Pos. Car Name, Hometown Time Points
1. 15H Sam Hafertepe Jr. Sunnyvale, TX No Time 0
2. 39 Spencer Bayston Lebanon, IN No Time 0
3. 35P Skylar Prochaska Lakefield, MN No Time 0
4. 17X Josh Baughman Odessa, TX No Time 0
5. 44 Trey Starks Puyallup, WA No Time 0
6. W20 Greg Wilson Benton Ridge, OH No Time 0
7. 7W Tasker Phillips Pleasantville, IA No Time 0
8. 29 Willie Croft Roseville, CA No Time 0
9. 70S Jeff Swindell Bartlett, TN No Time 0
10. 68 Chase Johnson Penngrove, CA No Time 0
11. 81 Lee Jacobs Dalton, OH No Time 0
12. 71X Kevin Thomas Jr. Cullman, AL No Time 0
13. 70 Dave Blaney High Point, NC No Time 0
14. 17WX Shane Golobic Fremont, CA No Time 0
15. 1X Don Droud Jr. Lincoln, NE No Time 0
16. 91T Cale Thomas Fairland, IN No Time 0
17. 40 Clint Garner Sioux Falls, SD No Time 0
18. 99G Skylar Gee Leduc, ALB, Can. No Time 0
19. 9R Rager Phillips Pleasantville, IA No Time 0
20. 19P Paige Polyak Tiffin, OH No Time 0
21. 7C John Carney II El Paso, TX No Time 0
22. 95 Matt Covington Glenpool, OK No Time 0
23. 99 Brady Bacon Broken Arrow, OK No Time 0
Starting Order: 35P, 15H, 44, 91T, 40, 39, 1X, W20, 3H, 81, 68, 99, 17X, 19P, 7W, 29, 70S, 17WX, 70, 71X, 7C, 95, 99G, 9R
15 laps is the distance, the top 4 move on to the B...McFadden will not start...Prochaska leasd Hafertepe... Haftertepe to the lead on lap 2, ahaead of Prochaska, Garner, Starks, and Bayston...Covington is up in smoke and comes to a stop...3 laps down...Hafertepe leads Prochaska, Garner, Starks, Bayston, C Thomas, Wilson, Baughman, Jacobs and T Phillips...Baughman is up to 6th...Bayston now slides in front of Starks for 4th...Garner uses the low side to take 2nd from Prochaska...Hafertepe in lapped traffic with 2 to go...Phillips gets over Droud's rear tire and crashes hard...he is, white, checker finish...Hafertepe leads Garner, Prochaska, Bayston, Starks, Baughman, Wilson, C Thomas, T Phillips and Croft...Baughman snags the fifth on the restart...Bayston to 3rd...Garner slows in turn four on the final lap and all hell breaks loose...Hafertepe wins over Prochaska, Bayston, Baughman and Starks, as we go to the last completed lap......


B Main

22 Laps Completed
Pos. Car Name, Hometown Time Points
1. 71P Parker Price-Miller Kokomo, IN No Time 0
2. 9 Daryn Pittman Owasso, OK No Time 0
3. 5 David Gravel Watertown, CT No Time 0
4. 4 Brock Zearfoss Jonesville, PA No Time 0
5. 2KS Austin McCarl Altoona, IA No Time 0
6. 24W Lucas Wolfe Mechanicsburg, PA No Time 0
7. 17 Sheldon Haudenschild Wooster, OH No Time 0
8. 19 Brent Marks Myerstown, PA No Time 0
9. 13 Mark Dobmeier Grand Forks, ND No Time 0
10. 35 Jamie Veal Warrnambool, VIC, Au No Time 0
11. 39 Spencer Bayston Lebanon, IN No Time 0
12. 15H Sam Hafertepe Jr. Sunnyvale, TX No Time 0
13. 11K Kraig Kinser Bloomington, IN No Time 0
14. 83 Cory Eliason Selma, CA No Time 0
15. 55 Brooke Tatnell Sans Souci, NSW, Aus No Time 0
16. 1 Sammy Swindell Germantown, TN No Time 0
17. 56N Davey Heskin St. Michael, MN No Time 0
18. 49J Josh Schneiderman West Burlington, IA No Time 0
19. 35P Skylar Prochaska Lakefield, MN No Time 0
20. 7S Jason Sides Bartlett, TN No Time 0
21. 97G Hunter Schuerenberg Sikeston, MO No Time 0
22. 44 Trey Starks Puyallup, WA No Time 0
23. 5H Sammy Walsh Orangeville, NSW, Au No Time 0
24. 17X Josh Baughman Odessa, TX No Time 0
Starting Order: 71P, 24W, 9, 4, 83, 13, 5, 5H, 2KS, 11K, 17, 35, 1, 56N, 97G, 19, 7S, 55, 15H, 49J, 35P, 39, 17X, 44
22 laps is the distance, top four to the A...issues for Saldana in hot laps...Saldana is a scratch, so Trey Starks will join the field...Price-Miller leasds Wolfe, PIttman, Zearfoss, Eliason and Gravel...Gravel now slides in front of Eliason for 4th...PIttman passes Wolfe for 2nd...Approaching lapped traffic on lap 13...Gravel passes Zearfoss and then Wolfe to move into third...straightaway lead for PPM...Zearfoss battles by Wolfe for the final transfer...PIttman and Gravel battling and Zearfoss is closing...PPM, Pittman, Garvel and Zearfoss move on...


A Main

50 Laps Completed
Pos. Car Name, Hometown Time Points
1. 49 Brad Sweet Grass Valley, CA No Time 0
2. 15 Donny Schatz Fargo, ND No Time 0
3. 57 Kyle Larson Elk Grove, CA No Time 0
4. 87 Aaron Reutzel Clute, TX No Time 0
5. 3 Tim Kaeding San Jose, CA No Time 0
6. 41 Carson Macedo Lemoore, CA No Time 0
7. 10H Chad Kemenah Alvada, OH No Time 0
8. 1S Logan Schuchart Hanover, PA No Time 0
9. 2 Shane Stewart Bixby, OK No Time 0
10. 5 David Gravel Watertown, CT No Time 0
11. 18 Ian Madsen St. Marys, NSW, Aust No Time 0
12. 49X Tim Shaffer Aliquippa, PA No Time 0
13. 1A Jacob Allen Hanover, PA No Time 0
14. 71 Gio Scelzi Fresno, CA No Time 0
15. 27 Greg Hodnett Spring Grove, PA No Time 0
16. 41S Dominic Scelzi Fresno, CA No Time 0
17. 9 Daryn Pittman Owasso, OK No Time 0
18. 71P Parker Price-Miller Kokomo, IN No Time 0
19. 4 Brock Zearfoss Jonesville, PA No Time 0
20. 09 Matt Juhl Tea, SD No Time 0
21. 13X Paul McMahan Nashville, TN No Time 0
22. 2M Kerry Madsen St. Marys, NSW, Aust No Time 0
23. 24 Terry McCarl Altoona, IA No Time 0
24. 24R Rico Abreu St. Helena, CA No Time 0
25. 21 Brian Brown Grain Valley, MO No Time 0
Starting Order: 49, 10H, 57, 15, 87, 2M, 49X, 41, 71, 3, 18, 1A, 24R, 27, 2, 24, 1S, 21, 13X, 09, 71P, 9, 5, 4, 41S
50 laps is the distance, $150,000 to win, $9,500 to start...Sweet leads Kemenah, Schatz, Reutzel and Larson...Larson by Reutzel on lap two for 4th...Larson by Schatz for 3rd on lap 3...Schatz back by for 3rd on lap 6....Sweet into lapped traffic on lap 7...Schatz rides the cushion around Kemenah for 2nd on lap 9...Larson by Kemenah as well, he's 3rd...3.8 second lead for Sweet on lap 15...Larson and Schatz trading second, but Schatz maintains...furious battle for fourth between Kemenah and Larson...Rico is upside down with 19 laps down...he is ok...31 to go, Sweet leads Schatz, Larson, Kemenah, Reutzel, Shaffer, K Madsen, Macedo, Allen, Schuchart, I Madsen, Stewart, Kaeding, Gravel, Hodnett, G Scelzi, McCarl, D Scelzi, Price-Miller, Pittman, McMahan, Zearfosss...Brown with problems and it's looking like he'll be done...Larson gets by Schatz for 2nd...Mandatory yellow at lap 25...running order, Sweet, Larson, Schatz, Kemenah, Reutzel, Shaffer, Macedo, I Madsen, K Madsen, Stewart, Allen, Schuchart, Gravel, Kaeding, G Scelzi, Hodnett, T McCarl, D Scelzi, McMahan, Price-Miller, Pittman, Juhl and Zearfoss...Five teams penalized for taking too long in work area, I Madsen, G Scelzi, Price-Miller, Pittman and Zearfoss...Reutzel to 4th...Macedo into the top five on lap 27...Larson takes the lead on lap 28 as Sweet misses his mark in turn one...Sweet back into the lead on lap 30...Sweet into lapped traffic on lap 34...Good battle for 2nd goes to Scatz with nine to go...Schatz closing on Sweet...K Madsen, running 9th, flips with two to go! He is ok...Sweet leads Schatz, Larson, Reutzel, Macedo, Kaeding, Kemenah, Schuchart, Stewart and Shaffer....Green, white, checker Dash for $150,000! Sweet holds off Schatz by .133 of a second for the win!

Nightly Recap

Brad Sweet is Knoxville Nationals Champion!
by Bill Wright

KNOXVILLE, Iowa (August 11, 2018) – Brad Sweet completed a sweep of three events in seven days at the Knoxville Raceway, with his popular victory in front of a sellout crowd in the finale of the 58th Annual 5-hour ENERGY Knoxville Nationals presented by Casey’s General Stores. The win was worth $150,000 for the Grass Valley, California native and came aboard the Kasey Kahne Racing #49 team. The biggest win in sprint car racing was preceded by wins for Sweet in Thursday’s qualifying night, and Sunday’s Capitani Classic.

The parade lap for the finale was paced by the Jason Johnson Racing #41. When the green flew, Sweet took off from the pole and led early in the 50-lapper over fellow front row starter, Chad Kemenah, Donny Schatz, Aaron Reutzel and Kyle Larson. Larson moved by both Reutzel and Schatz to take third by lap three. Undeterred, Schatz worked back by Larson on lap six.

Sweet was in lapped traffic by the seventh circuit. Schatz took to the cushion, passing Kemenah for second on lap nine. Larson followed him into third on lap ten. Sweet built a lead of 3.8 seconds on lap 15, while Larson and Schatz engaged in an epic duel behind him. Meanwhile, Kemenah and Reutzel were also battling for fourth.

Rico Abreu was running ninth when he tipped over in turn four on lap 19. He was uninjured. Sweet led Schatz, Larson, Reutzel and Kemenah back to green. Larson slid in front of Schatz for second, before the field stopped for the mandatory red flag period on lap 25. At the time, the top ten included Sweet, Larson, Schatz, Kemenah, Reutzel, Tim Shaffer, Carson Macedo, Kerry Madsen, Shane Stewart and Ian Madsen.

Reutzel jumped into fourth, and Macedo cracked the top five on lap 27. Sweet missed his mark on lap 28, and Larson got by for a pair of laps, before “The Big Cat” took control again. He was in lapped traffic and pulling away again on lap 34. Schatz reeled in Larson, passing him with nine to go.

While Schatz’s car was getting better and sizing up Sweet, Kerry Madsen crashed with two to go while running eighth. That set up a two-lap Dash to the checkers.

Sweet hit his marks perfectly, and edged Schatz by .133 of a second. Larson, Reutzel and Tim Kaeding followed. Macedo, Kemenah, Logan Schuchart, Shane Stewart and hard-charger David Gravel rounded out the top ten. Dave Blaney won the D main, Sam Hafertepe Jr. claimed the C main, and Parker Price-Miller took the B main.

Special awards included the Jesse Hockett “Mr. Sprint Car” Award won by Carson Macedo, and Rookie of the Nationals, won by Gio Scelzi. The Best Appearing Car went to Sheldon Haudenschild, followed by Terry McCarl and Brian Brown. Best Appearing Crew went to the Jason Johnson Racing #41, followed by the Stenhouse/Marshall #17 team and the Tony Vermeer Racing #55.

“How about that sh*t boys and girls?” asked an excited Sweet in Victory Lane. “I held off two of the best in the business. This car was flying all weekend. It wasn’t easy against the hardest competition in the world. I made a few mistakes. I wasn’t sure if I wanted that (late red) or I didn’t. Donny was breathing down my neck. I thought I better hit these two laps on the bottom perfect. They weren’t perfect, but they were good enough to get the win! I was uptight and nervous all day. That video of Jason Johnson came on (in pre-race ceremonies), and I teared up. My mind went really calm. I knew what Jason would do…just run the sh*t out of it! That’s what I did. I sure hope he’s looking down smiling. I dreamed about the feeling he had when he won it. It’s unbelievable! I just want to cry, faint, hug, kiss and drink lots of beer!”

“We were good at the end,” said Schatz. “We just had to go where he wasn’t. That yellow helped us with two to go and gave us a chance. We made the best of it, but he was really good. He could go anywhere on the racetrack. Hat’s off to these guys, they worked awful hard for it. They worked hard for it. We did our best…it was just second best.”

“It was a lot of fun,” said Larson. “It was a good race. I felt we were the best three cars all week. It was a lot of fun racing Donny the first half. I was able to get by him before the break, and give Brad a run there for a little while. I’m so happy for Brad. He’ll be my brother-in-law here in a month. It’s cool to have a family member win the Knoxville Nationals, and to get to duke it out a little bit there with him for the lead.”

Mediacom Season Championship Night will crown Knoxville Championship Cup Series champions Saturday, August 25. For more information, visit!

Results of the 58th Annual 5-hour ENERGY Knoxville Nationals presented by Casey’s General Stores

D Main (started), 12 Laps, NT: 1. 70, Dave Blaney, High Point, NC (2); 2. 71x, Kevin Thomas Jr., Cullman, AL (3); 3. 7c, John Carney II, El Paso, TX (1); 4. 95, Matt Covington, Glenpool, OK (4); 5. 99G, Skylar Gee, Leduc, ALB, Can. (6); 6. 9R, Rager Phillips, Pleasantville, IA (5) / 7. 17w, Harli White, Lindsay, OK (8); 8. 3P, Sawyer Phillips, Pleasantville, IA (14); 9. 9x, Jake Bubak, Arvada, OH (10); 10. 15M, Bobby Mincer, Burlington, IA (9); 11. 71A, RJ Johnson, Tampa, FL (12); 12. 17B, Bill Balog, Hartland, WI (17); 13. 7, Carson McCarl, Altoona, IA (7); 14. 84, Tom Harris, Banbury, OXFD, UK (16); 15. 25, Bobby McMahan, Elk Grove, CA (13); 16. 2K, Kevin Ingle, Huron, SD (15); 17. 28P, Brian Paulus, Mooresville, IN (11); 18. 18J, Jenna Frazier, Rio Linda, CA (19); 19. 10, Clyde Knipp, California, MO (18) DNS – 85, Chase Wanner, Agency, IA; 12N, Cole Duncan, Lockbourne, OH; 44M, Chris Martin, Ankeny, IA; 28AU, Allan Woods, Brisbane, QLD, Aust.; 21AU, Jordyn Brazier, Sydney, NSW, Aust.; 0, Lynton Jeffrey, Sydney, NSW, Aust.; G1, Gary Taylor, Snohomish, WA; 28, Scott Bogucki, McLaren Vale, SA, Aust.; 11, Roger Crockett, Broken Arrow, OK; 2c, Wayne Johnson, Tuttle, OK; 5J, Jamie Ball, Knoxville, IA; 4K, Kasey Kahne, Enumclaw, WA; 2mm, Matt Moro, Polk City, IA; 20, AJ Moeller, Rockwell City, IA; 91, Kyle Reinhardt, Neptune City, NJ

C Main (started), 15 Laps, NT: 1. 15H, Sam Hafertepe Jr., Sunnyvale, TX (2); 2. 39, Spencer Bayston, Lebanon, IN (6); 3. 35P, Skylar Prochaska, Lakefield, MN (1); 4. 17x, Josh Baughman, Odessa, TX (13); 5. 44, Trey Starks, Puyallup, WA (3) / 6. W20, Greg Wilson, Benton Ridge, OH (8); 7. 7w, Tasker Phillips, Pleasantville, IA (15); 8. 29, Willie Croft, Fresno, CA (16); 9. 70s, Jeff Swindell, Bartlett, TN (17); 10. 68, Chase Johnson, Penngrove, CA (11); 11. 81, Lee Jacobs, Dalton, OH (10); 12. Kevin Thomas Jr. (20); 13. Dave Blaney (19); 14. 17wx, Shane Golobic, Fremont, CA (18); 15. 1x, Don Droud Jr., Lincoln, NE (7); 16. 91T, Cale Thomas, Fairland, IN (4); 17. 40, Clint Garner, Sioux Falls, SD (5); 18. Skylar Gee (23); 19. Rager Phillips (24); 20. 19P, Paige Polyak, Tiffin, OH (14); 21. John Carney II (21); 22. Matt Covington (22); 23. 99, Brady Bacon, Broken Arrow, OK (12) DNS – 3H, James McFadden, Ormeau, QLD, Aust.; 21K, Thomas Kennedy, Winnipeg, MB, Can.; 48, Danny Dietrich, Gettysburg, PA

B Main (started), 22 Laps, 6:18.5: 1. 71P, Parker Price-Miller, Kokomo, IN (1); 2. 9, Daryn Pittman, Bixby, OK (3); 3. 5, David Gravel, Watertown, CT (7); 4. 4, Brock Zearfoss, Jonestown, PA (4) / 5. 2KS, Austin McCarl, Altoona, IA (9); 6. 24w, Lucas Wolfe, Mechanicsburg, PA (2); 7. 17, Sheldon Haudenschild, Wooster, OH (11); 8. 19, Brent Marks, Myerstown, PA (16); 9. 13, Mark Dobmeier, Grand Forks, ND (6); 10. 35, Jamie Veal, Warrnambool, VIC, Aust. (12); 11. Spencer Bayston (22); 12. Sam Hafertepe Jr. (19); 13. 11K, Kraig Kinser, Bloomington, IN (10); 14. 83, Cory Eliason, Selma, CA (5); 15. 55, Brooke Tatnell, Sans Souci, NSW, Aust. (18); 16. 1, Sammy Swindell, Germantown, TN (13); 17. 56N, Davey Heskin, St. Michael, MN (14); 18. 49J, Josh Schneiderman, West Burlington, IA (20); 19. Skylar Prochaska (21); 20. 7s, Jason Sides, Bartlett, TN (17); 21. 97G, Hunter Schuerenberg, Sikeston, MO (15); 22. Trey Starks (24); 23. 5H, Sammy Walsh, Orangeville, NSW, Aust. (8); 24. Josh Baughman (23) DNS – 26, Joey Saldana, Brownsburg, IN

A Main (started), 50 Laps, NT: 1. Brad Sweet (1); 2. Donny Schatz (4); 3. Kyle Larson (3); 4. Aaron Reutzel (5); 5. Tim Kaeding (10); 6. Carson Macedo (8); 7. Chad Kemenah (2); 8. Logan Schuchart (17); 9. Shane Stewart (15); 10. David Gravel (23); 11. Ian Madsen (11); 12. Tim Shaffer (7); 13. Jacob Allen (12); 14. Gio Scelzi (9); 15. Greg Hodnett (14); 16. Dominic Scelzi (25); 17. Daryn Pittman (22); 18. Parker Price-Miller (21); 19. Brock Zearfoss (24); 20. Matt Juhl (20); 21. Paul McMahan (19); 22. Kerry Madsen (6); 23. Terry McCarl (16); 24. Rico Abreu (13); 25. Brian Brown (18). Lap Leaders: Sweet 1-27, Larson 28-29, Sweet 30-50. Hard-charger: Gravel.

Media Report

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