Nate Grabs Victory #3!

Saturday, May 26, 2012
In Nate's 360 time trials, Nate gets 6th quick with 16.330. This puts Nate 3rd row outside of Heat #3. In lap 2, Nate gets sideways in turn 4 and the yellow flag comes out and results in Nate getting sent to the back and a single file restart. On the restart, the 10 of Tyler Groenendyk grabs the orange cone which results in another yellow flag, and Groenendyk gets sent to the back. Groenendyk passes Nate on the high side in turn 2 of the 2nd restart. Nate hangs back the rest of the race but on the white flag lap, Nate makes his way around the 51 of Dave Hall in turn 3 to get 5th place for his heat race. This gives Nate the pole for his 360 A Main. On the drop of the green flag, Nate takes off, leaving the rest of the pack behind him from white to checkered for the 18 Lap Main. And like cousin Mike, Nate wins the main in a track record time of 5 minutes and 13.8 seconds. As Knoxville Raceway announcer Tony Bokhoven said "It's a great to be a Van Haaften tonight!"