Nate earns his 2nd 360 victory at Knoxville Raceway!

Saturday, April 28, 2012
Finally a night where we could get some racing in at Knoxville Raceway! Nate ran 9th quick in time trials with 16.661. That put him in the 3rd heat race 2nd row outside. The first lap in our heat race resulted in a hard crash coming out of turn 4 between the 04 of Chad Heimbaugh and the 2m of Matt Moro bringing out the red and taking them both out of the race. Once the race was on Nate passed three cars grabbing the lead on the white flag lap and scoring the heat race win. In the A Main, Nate started 3rd row outside. A caution on the first lap for the 93A of Alan Ambers spinning out in turn 1 resulted in a double file restart. This time a red comes out for the 4J of Lee Grosz who took a nasty flip in turn 1. Double file restart again. This time sticks and Nate immediatly jumps to the 4th position. In the 2nd lap, Nate passed the 51 of Dave Hall for 3rd place. Another caution came out for the 25 of Dylan Peterson who got turned around in turn 2 and Nate had to give back the 4th place to Dave Hall. Single file restart. A few laps later, Nate again passed Hall for the 3rd spot. Nate took the bottom side in turn 4 a few laps later to pass the 24 of Josh Higday and the 8L of Tom Lenz to take the lead. Nate fought his way through lap traffic, stretching the gap between him and 2nd place to almost 2 seconds. Caution came out with 5 laps to go for the 53 of Joe Beaver. Single file restart, Nate took the bottom but Higday was right behind him, not giving up. They raced neck and neck to the white flag. Coming into to turn 4 still running neck and neck there was a lap car in Nate's line on the bottom that pinned Nate back. That gave Higday a clear path around Nate on the top side stealing the win. But it wasn't over yet! Higday got disqualified at the scales for an illegeal left rear tire, giving back the win to Nate.