Saturday, June 02, 2012
Night #7. For Mike's time trials, Mike times 4th quick with a 17.075. This gives Mike the 2nd row inside of the 2nd heat race. The first few laps, Mike battles for the 3rd spot with the 93A of Alan Ambers. Ambers finally gets Mike on the high side in turn 4 to take the 3rd position. Trouble for the 29 of Bart Friedrichsen who's in 2nd; he drifts up the track and gives up the 2nd spot and causes the caution comes out on the white flag lap. Mike restarts in the 3rd position, which is where he will finish his heat race. Mike will start in the 3rd row inside for his 15 lap A Main. On lap 2, the caution comes out for the 6 of Mitchell Alexander who was up to 2nd. Single file restart where Mike will start 4th. Mike takes the high side in turn 2 to pass the 4 of Dakota Hendrickson. Another caution would come out and result in another single file restart where Mike starts 3rd. 2 more laps and the yellow comes out again, Mike still in 3rd. Mike stays solidly in 3rd for the next 7 laps until yet another caution comes out for the 88 of J. Kinder who's running 2nd. Single file restart and Mike's in 2nd this time. On the restart, Mike dives to the bottom in turn 1 and passes the 55kc of Bob Hildreth to take the lead. Mike will lead the last 3 laps and earn his 3rd victory at Knoxville Raceway. In his interview, Mike tells us that he lost all his brakes in the first few laps.