Seven Winners at Marion County Fair Outlaw Dirt Kart Event!

Seven Winners at Marion County Fair Outlaw Dirt Kart Event!
Monday, July 17, 2017
by Eric Arnold

The third running of the Marion County Auto Body Outlaw Dirt Karts at the Knoxville Raceway was held on Sunday night in conjunction with the Marion County Fair. A special 1/10 mile oval track was constructed on the west end of the front stretch for the 68 entrants to race on, some coming as far away as Minnesota, South Dakota and Texas. Seven classes competed for a chance to put their names in the Knoxville Raceway record books.

The races were organized in conjunction with the English Creek Speedway located approximately 10 miles south of Knoxville which races every Friday night and will host the 12th Annual Outlaw DIRT KART Nationals on Monday and Tuesday August 7-8.

Race Results
Restricted Box Stock
Heat Winners: Sebastian Leonard, Richard Zimmerman
Feature: 1. 18 Sebastian Leonard, 2. 71 Cason Fitch, 3. 6 Jaden Alexander, 4. 4L Levi Landis, 5. 11 Richard Zimmerman.

Adult Wing
Heat Winners: Joe Beaver, Bryan Nevins Jr.
Feature: 1. 1 Bryan Nevins Jr., 2. 92 Joe Beaver, 3. 56 Seth Walraven, 4. 224 Gina Greubel, 5. 15D Devon Brown.

Box Stock
Heat Winners: Tyler Rabenberg, Brayden Greubel
Feature: 1. 99 Brayden Greubel, 2. 5A Alex Bande Voort, 3. 04 Mason Heimbaugh, 4. 11 Riley Dailey, 18 Tyler Rabenberg.

Junior 1
Heat Winner: Alex Vande Voort
Feature: 1. 5A Alex Vande Voort, 2. 11 Izac Mallicoat, 3. 42J Evan Jones, 4. 85 Lily Webster, 5. 71D Drake Webster.

Junior 2
Heat Winner: Jolyn Beaver
Feature:1. 53 Jolyn Beaver, 2. 15D Devon Brown, 3. 43J Jaslyn Jones.

Open 500cc
Heat Winner: Nick DeMoss
Feature: 1. 5 Nick DeMoss, 2. 007 Brady Barker, 3. 4 Scott Holkan, 4. 86 Scott Pender, 5. 2J Matt Johnson.

390 Clone
Heat Winners: Bryan Nevins Jr., Carl Fudge
Feature:1. 1 Bryan Nevins Jr., 2. 9 Carl Fudge, 3. 7J Nathan Dailey, 4. 60 Mike Cleghorn

Join us on Thursday night as the Marion County Fair comes to a close with the Dynamic Drivelines Dirt Duel for the IMCA Hawkeye Dirt Tour for Modifieds and Sport Mods. On Saturday night sprint cars are back for the Lucas Oil Championship Cup Series on 3M Night! For more information, log on to!