Daryn Pittman Pockets $10,000 in Speed Sport World Challenge!

Daryn Pittman Pockets $10,000 in Speed Sport World Challenge!
Saturday, August 09, 2014
Daryn Pittman Pockets $10,000 in Speed Sport World Challenge!
by Bryan Hulbert/Bill Wright

KNOXVILLE RACEWAY, Knoxville, IA, August 9, 2014 – For the third time, Daryn Pittman found Victory Lane in the Speed Sport World Challenge with a late race pass on Tim Kaeding.

Coming from sixth, Pittman wasted little time getting to the runner-up spot. Chasing Tim Kaeding into traffic, Pittman closed the gap but would nearly see his afternoon end on Lap 7 with a slip exiting Turn 2 that nearly sent the Great Clips No. 9 into the wall. A quick recovery and Pittman was back in the mix as rubber came into play on the Knoxville surface.

"I'm just glad I didn't stuff it into the back straight-a-way fence. The track was tricky, and the sun came out just enough there with that long break that the track just cleaned off a laid rubber," said Pittman. "Hats off to the track crew. They had their work cut out for them all week with the weather, and to have a day show and not lay rubber until the last race; the whole program was a great race."

Tim Kaeding's runner-up finish was enough to guarantee the California driver a starting spot in Saturday's championship A-Feature.

Informed of his twenty-fifth starting spot, Kaeding reply was simply, "Nothing wrong with that....We snuck into the Kings Royal, we just snuck our way into the Nationals, and couldn't be happier."

Brad Sweet completed the podium in the Speed Sport World Challenge.

"Our car was pretty good there. We didn't get locked in but we gave "TK" a run for his money at the end," Said Sweet. "We sure tried hard and the guys have made a lot of improvements so we'll start mid-pack in the "B" this afternoon."

Ian Madsen had his hands full holding onto fourth as Donny Schatz stalked the No. 55 in the closing laps. The defending FVP Knoxville Nationals Champion made up the top-five.

Terry McCarl was sixth, Brooke Tatnell seventh, David Gravel eighth, Paul McMahan ninth, and Dale Blaney tenth.

The finale of the 54th running of the FVP Knoxville Nationals presented by Casey's General Store will be Saturday, August 9 with action kicking off at 7:15 P.M. (CT). For complete news, updates, and information log onto

Speed Sport World Challenge Results

Speed Sport World Challenge (started), 25 laps: 1. 9, Daryn Pittman, Owasso, OK (6) 2. 59, Tim Kaeding, San Jose, CA (4) 3. 49, Brad Sweet, Grass Valley, CA (3) 4. 55J, Ian Madsen, St. Mary’s, NSW, Aust. (2) 5. 15, Donny Schatz, Fargo, ND (12) 6. 24, Terry McCarl, Altoona, IA (10) 7. 55, Brooke Tatnell, Sans Souci, NSW, Aust. (5) 8. 83, David Gravel, Watertown, CT (8) 9. 51, Paul McMahan, Nashville, TN (9) 10. 14K, Dale Blaney, Hartford, OH (11) 11. 3G, Ormeau, QLD, Aust. (16) 12. 11N, Randy Hannagan, Pittsboro, IN (1) 13. 55x, Trey Starks, Puyallup, WA (13) 14. 0, Bud Kaeding, Campbell, CA (14) 15. 83x, Jason Meyers, Clovis, CA (18) 16. 75, Glen Saville, Razorback, NSW, Aust. (22) 17. 12, Lynton Jeffrey, Sydney, NSW, Aust. (20) 18. 4s, Danny Smith, Chillicothe, OH (17) 19. 4c, Tyler Courtney, Indianapolis, IN (21) 20. 7s, Jason Sides, Bartlett, TN (15) 21. 1, Sammy Swindell, Germantown, TN (7) 22. 4K, Kody Kinser, Bloomington, IN (19) DNS – 1D, Justin Henderson, Tea, SD, 29, Kerry Madsen, St. Mary’s, NSW, Aust., 2, Shane Stewart, Bixby, OK, 71, Kevin Swindell, Germantown, TN. Lap Leaders: I. Madsen 1-2, T. Kaeding 3-16, Pittman 17-25. Hard-charger: Schatz.