360 Knoxville Nationals Ready to Take the Green Flag

360 Knoxville Nationals Ready to Take the Green Flag
Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wednesday, July 30, 2014
Brian Stickel,
Knoxville Raceway GM
(641) 842-5431

KNOXVILLE, Iowa - July 30, 2014
Starting tomorrow, fans will see the best 360 sprint car drivers from all over the world converge on the historic Marion County Fairgrounds and the Knoxville Raceway. The Arnold Motor Supply 360 Nationals will be held this Thursday, July 31st through Saturday, August 2nd. The field of 102 cars will be split into two qualifying nights earning points every time they hit the track. The top points drivers from the qualifying nights will fill out the field. Points acquired from the qualifying night events will determine how the lineups are set for the 24th annual 360 Nationals.

The field is very deep this year with the top local Knoxville talent, ASCS National competitors and many invaders all vying for the $10,000 payday and a chance to be a Knoxville Nationals Champion.

Knoxville Raceway General Manager Brian Stickel has been preparing everything for fans and drivers for the 360 and 410 Knoxville Nationals. There is a fresh coat of white paint on the iconic fence and a beautiful High Definition video board has replaced the old video screen in turns 3 and 4.

"I have never been this excited about a Knoxville Nationals event," Stickel said. "It's the upgrades to the fan experience, the great fans we have and the unbelievable talent of drivers entered this year that creates the whole package. I couldn't be more proud of everyone involved at the Knoxville Raceway and the Marion County Fair Board. The time and effort that goes into putting on an event like this is extraordinary. We are ready for the best 10 days of racing anywhere in the world."

About Knoxville Raceway
The Knoxville Nationals and Knoxville 360 Nationals draw nearly 100,000 sprint car fans to witness the most prestigious and largest dirt track races in the world in early August. The Nationals combine racing with a cultural festival featuring parades, live music, camping, and expositions.

This August 6th - 9th more than 100 drivers will compete for a nearly million-dollar purse and the esteemed title of 2014 Knoxville Nationals Champion. More information available at

360 Knoxville Nationals entry list
1 Justin Henderson - Tea, SD
1J Danny Jennings - Norman, OK
1M Danny Lasoski - Dover, MO
2K Kevin Ingle - Huron, SD
2M Matt Moro - Polk City, IA
3 Nate Van Haaften - Otley, IA
3H Brandon Hanks - Burlison, TN
3P Sawyer Phillips - Pleasantville, IA (R)
4J Lee Grosz - Harwood, ND
4x Shawn Petersen - Irving, TX
05 Brad Loyet - Sunset Hills, MO
5J Jamie Ball - Knoxville, IA
7K Dustin Selvage - Indianola, IA
09 Matt Juhl - Sioux Falls, SD
9JR Derek Hagar - Marion, AR
9x Jared Goerges - East Gull Lake, MN
10H Danny Holtgraver - Pittsburgh, PA
10v Calvin Landis - Knoxville, IA
12m James Mosher - Albuquerque, NM (R)
14R Andy Gregg - Placerville, CA (R)
17wx Cole Wood - Auburn, CA
18 Tony Bruce, Jr. - Owasso, OK
18R Ryan Roberts - Aurora, NE
20 Casey Friedrichsen - Arthur, IA
20K Thomas Kennedy - Winnipeg, MB, Can.
21R Ryan Kitchen - Lincoln, NE (R)
22H Randy Hannagan - Pittsboro, IN
23KS Steve Block - Splendora, TX (R)
26 Tayler Malsam - Seattle, WA
27 Carson McCarl - Altoona, IA
27B Patrick Bourke - Gypsum, CO
28 Jonathan Cornell - Sedalia, MO
29 Russ Hall - Pleasant Hill, IA
33 Alan Zoutte - Knoxville, IA
33V Mike Van Haaften - Pella, IA (R)
35L Cody Ledger - Omaha, NE (R)
41 Jason Johnson - Rocky Mount, MO
44 Chris Martin - Ankeny, IA
45x Johnny Herrera - Albuquerque, NM
47 Brant O'Banion - Norfolk, NE
53 Joe Beaver - Knoxville, IA
56 Davey Heskin - St. Michael, MN
71 Kevin Swindell - Bartlett, TN
83 Dave Getchell - Sperry, IA (R)
87 Aaron Reutzel - Clute, TX
90 Randi Miller - Rapid City, SD
93 Derrik Lusk - Jackson, MN
95 Matt Covington, Glenpool, OK
99 Brady Bacon - Broken Arrow, OK

01 TBA
1A Kevin Ramey - Fort Worth, TX
1B Sheldon Haudenschild - Wooster, OH
1H Sean McClelland - Tulsa, OK
3A Billy Alley - Bennet, NE
4 Jon Agan - Knoxville, IA
4c Tyler Courtney - Indianapolis, IN
5H Chase Johnson - Penngrove, CA (R)
5x Jason Martin - Lincoln, NE
6 Terry McCarl - Altoona, IA
7 Kaley Gharst - Decatur, IL
7TAZ Tasker Phillips - Pleasantville, IA
9 Rager Phillips - Pleasantville, IA
9W Jac Haudenschild - Wooster, OH
10 Alan Ambers - Knoxville, IA
12 Tyler Drueke - Eagle, NE
13 Mark Dobmeier - Grand Forks, ND
13V Seth Brahmer - Norfolk, NE
14 Brooke Tatnell - Sans Souci, NSW Aust.
14S Jarrod Schneiderman - West Burlington, IA
15H Sam Hafertepe, Jr. - Sunnyvale, TX
17 Josh Baughman - Odessa, TX
17w Harli White - Lindsay, OK (R)
17x Blake Hahn - Sapulpa, OK
18M Ian Madsen - St. Marys, NSW, Aust.
19 Paige Polyak - Tiffin, OH (R)
20G Chris Graf - Glencoe, MN (R)
21 Brian Brown - Grain Valley, MO
21K Lou Kennedy - Winnipeg, MB Can.
21x Devin Friedrichsen - Arthur, IA (R)
21xm Joey Moughan - Springfield, IL
22 Tony Shilling - Knoxville, IA
23 Seth Bergman - Snohomish, WA
23K Rob Kubli - Milo, IA
25 Dylan Peterson - Sioux Falls, SD
33A Austin Alumbaugh - Higginsville, MO
39c Travis Rilat - Forney, TX
40 Clint Garner - Sioux Falls, SD
41P Jeff Carlson - Wayne, NE
45 Tim Shaffer - Aliquippa, PA
53D Jack Dover - Springfield, NE
55 Trey Starks - Puyallup, WA
72 Phil Dietz - Laurel, MT (R)
77x Wayne Johnson - Knoxville, IA
81A Chris Morgan - Topeka, KS
81w Danny Wood - Norman, OK
82 Bronson Maeschen - Pleasantville, IA
89 Robbie Stillwaggon - Burlington, NJ
91 Dusty Zomer - Sioux Falls, SD
94 Jeff Swindell - Bartlett, TN
99D Bill Balog - Brookfield, WI (R)
99T Andrew Turley - Sedalia, MO (R)