Mike Goff Claims 28th Annual Fall Enduro at Knoxville

Mike Goff Claims 28th Annual Fall Enduro at Knoxville
Saturday, September 07, 2013
Mike Goff Claims 28th Annual Fall Enduro at Knoxville
by Bill Wright

KNOXVILLE, Ia (September 7) – Mike Goff of Lacona took the annual Fall Enduro at Knoxville Raceway Saturday night. In a race that went the 200 laps, the win paid Goff $1,000 for his efforts. He was in the lead from the 125 lap mark.

Ten red flag periods were encountered along the way for various reasons such as debris on the track as well for removal of stalled cars which were in a dangerous position. Near the 75 lap segment, a red was thrown in order to stop the race for a re-watering of the track in order to slow the cars.

Finishing second was Ryan Lundy of Knoxville, who was just one lap behind the winning car. Darin Van Dee of Deep River finished third. Bowdy Miller of Des Moines was fourth, followed by Zack Vernon of Knoxville.

Top 20 Finishers:

1. 5m, Mike Goff, Lacona, 200 (laps completed)
2. 7x, Ryan Lundy, Knoxville, 199
3. 11x, Darin Van Dee, Deep River, 192
4. 1K, Bowdy Miller, Des Moines, 192
5. 27, Zack Vernon, Knoxville, 191
6. 6, Tom Shinn, Knoxville, 189
7. 23, Mitch Enfield, Melcher-Dallas, 187
8. 4F, Brennan Ford, Altoona, 186
9. 34D, Terry Darnell, Otley, 183
10. 47T, Tony Shilling, Knoxville, 182
11. 22T, Troy DeJong, Bussey, 179
12. 3, Jason Gurney, Des Moines, 174
13. 17, Vance Misel, Des Moines, 173
14. 01, Austin Barnes, Des Moines, 172
15. OWI, Mike McGill, Knoxville, 165
16. 79M, Chris Murphy, Knoxville, 164
17. 42, Philip Rowley, Oskaloosa, 164
18. 33, Jeremy Gurney, Des Moines, 161
19. 2, Ryan Humphrey, Rose Hill, 158
20. 74T, Rick Shilling, Knoxville, 155