Pella Motors Two Seater Rides: A Thrill for You and a Donation to the KRCO

Pella Motors Two Seater Rides: A Thrill for You and a Donation to the KRCO
Wednesday, June 19, 2013
Pella Motors Two Seater Rides: A Thrill for You and a Donation to the KRCO
by Joanne Cram

For those of you who are regulars at the Knoxville Raceway, you have most likely noticed the two seater sprint car that appears on the track on most nights, three times. The Pella Motors owned two seater sprint car offers rides up to three times per race night, with proceeds benefitting the Knoxville Raceway Charitable Organization. Craig Ford, owner of Pella Motors, is a lifelong race fan and supporter of Knoxville Raceway. His mission behind the two seater sprint car is to raise funds and awareness for the KRCO.

KRCO is a non-profit organization that also sells 50/50 tickets each race night of the season. In addition to the funds they raise for their organization that directly benefits local injured sprint car drivers, the KRCO partners with many different organizations as well, donating to youth programs through ticket sales. Additionally, the KRCO is able to purchase safety equipment and insurance policies for each full time Knoxville Raceway driver (to qualify drivers must participate in 75% of the season’s races).

The 2013 season debuted a newly vamped two seater. A newly overhauled Schwanke Motors engine speeds passengers around the half mile in a previously owned Ray Evernham chasis that was specially redesigned to accommodate two seats.

Chris Walraven pilots the two seater most regular season nights, with Tyler Groenendyk rotating in for driving duty occasionally. Chris is a veteran Knoxville driver with 18 years of 360 and 410 sprint car driving experience. After a 6 1/2 year absence from his family-owned Muddy Lush #56, you can find Chris behind the wheel of the #28 305 owned by Shawn Goodno. The #28 comes from Chris’ sarcastic response to the, “What number should we put on the car?” question. Chris responded that the number should be #28, because he’s going to be half as fast as he was in his #56 car! His absence from racing hasn’t slowed Chris up much from weekly competition in a 305, he’s finished 4th and 7th in his last two appearances, earning hard charger in his second night back from retirement. Goodno and Walraven will likely finish out the season in this partnership, and both are having a great time racing together. Chris’s most memorable moments from his racing career are winning numerous features at Knoxville Raceway, being quick time at a World of Outlaws show, and earning 16 years straight of perfect attendance. His favorite part of being part of the racing family are seeing the fans and kids at the races. Lorna, Chris’s wife, and his two sons, Trent and Seth are his biggest supporters.

Fans who are interested in a ride at over 100 miles per hour around the Sprint Car Capital of the World, should contact Tyler Schippers at 641-780-8879, or by logging onto $250 buys you four laps during one of three sessions- either after the 410 qualifying, or during the intermission. Passengers can expect to be set up with a time to arrive at a designated spot, a release waiver to be signed, as well as a suit, helmet, and shoes matched to the rider’s size. The rider will be strapped in, pushed off, and speed around the track enjoying a view not many other fans can claim they’ve seen. For those who are over eager for the rush of a sprint car ride and find that the g-forces are too much to handle, there is a tap out rule and Chris will slow down- although not through the corners, as a slow down at this point will cause the car to gravitate towards the wall for an even more exciting ride than expected!

Craig Ford and Pella Motors are generous supporters of racing at Knoxville Raceway. Pella Motors supplies all the Knoxville Raceway vehicles- from pace vehicles, to courtesy cars. Craig has been known to bring carloads of neighbor kids along with his family to enjoy the races from his suite as well. If you are ever fortunate enough to be the winner of a struggle over a t shirt shot from the shirt cannon, that is also a Pella Motors product. Be sure to support Pella Motors and the KRCO 50/50 ticket sales program!