2013 Knoxville Raceway Rules

2013 Knoxville Raceway Rules
Wednesday, January 16, 2013
Knoxville, IA - On Monday January 7th the Knoxville Raceway Race Committee along with Race Director John McCoy met to review and approve recommended rule changes for the Knoxville Raceway 2013 season.

John McCoy stated that most of the rules in all three classes would remain the same. Minor changes to the rule book regarding standards for belts and helmets and other items have being updated.

Changes in the 410 class are highlighted by the move to Hoosier tires in 2013. The 16” wide tire will be used on the right rear. This tire is similar to the tire already used by the 360 and 305 sprint cars. Two new softer compounds will be introduced for use in the 410 class. Other possible left rear combinations are still being studied for use in the 410 class. At this time the new H12, H15, and H20 left rears will be allowed in all classes.

Pending further review and in following along with rule amendments coming out of the World of Outlaws, no carbon fiber fuel injectors will be allowed, for at least the 2013 season.

There are no significant changes in the 360 class at Knoxville this year.

In the 305 class the block rule has been amended to allow any cast iron 305 block. No extensive block lightning will be allowed.

305 wing rules have been amended to allow a maximum 2” rudder underneath the wing, same as the 360 wing rules.

The 305 class may run whatever tire is legal in either the 410 or 360 class.
The courtesy lap rule has been amended to allow a courtesy lap in all events for flat tires only.

Drivers must declare what class they are running for the point championship in at the beginning of the season. Drivers may compete in both the 360 and 410 classes from the beginning of the year. They cannot compete in the 305 class. 305 drivers may move up in class.

Other items discussed and approved: Presenting the Legends Cars 4th Annual Fallen Officers Memorial Race on August 7th and 8th to benefit Officers families who have served and fallen in the line of duty.

A complete version of the 2013 Knoxville Raceway Rules may be found at

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