Humphrey claims Enduro at Knoxville

Humphrey claims Enduro at Knoxville
2012 Enduro Champion
Saturday, September 15, 2012
By Bob Wilson
KNOXVILLE, Ia (September 15) – Ryan Humphrey of Rose Hill took the annual Fall Enduro at Knoxville Raceway Saturday night. In a race that went the full two hours, he was able to rack up 184 laps on the big half-mile oval. The win paid Humphrey $1,000 for his efforts.
Seven red flag periods were encountered along the way for various reasons such as debris on the track as well for removal of stalled cars which were in a dangerous positions. Near the 125 lap segment a red was thrown in order to stop the race for a re-watering of the track in order to slow the cars.
Finishing second was Pleasantville resident Tyler Sutter who was just two laps behind the winning car. Doug Weiss of Dallas Center finished third. Strangely, a tie came about for fourth as Terry Darnell of Otley and Zach Vernon of Knoxville came across the line side by side in a photo finish.
Top 20 Finishers:
1. Ryan Humphrey, Rose Hill (2) 184 laps
2. Tyler Sutter, Pleasantville (14) 182 laps
3. Doug Weiss, Dallas Center (11x) 177 laps
4 Terry Darnell, Otley (34D) 177 laps
4. Zach Vernon, Knoxville (27) 177 laps
6. Jon Juline, Columbia (7J) 177 laps
7. Rick Shilling, Knoxville (74T) 177 laps
8. Blake Miller, Des Moines (1) 174 laps
9. Doug DeJong, Melcher-Dallas(85) 169 laps
10. Phil Rowley, Oskaloosa (42) 166 laps
11. Dave Seddon, Knoxville (10s) 165 laps
12. Tom Shinn, Knoxville (6) 163 laps
13. Mike Davis, Knoxville (13) 162 laps
14. Jacob Sutter, Pleasantville (114) 158 laps
15. Mike McGill, Des Moines (OWI) 158 laps
16. Josh Ford, Bussey (14K) 153 laps
17. Jason Gurney, Des Moines (3) 152 laps
18. John Sinnard, Knoxville (14s) 152 laps
19. Todd Zobel, Altoona (81z) 148 laps
20. Tyler Kennedy, Melcher-Dallas (34TK) 147 laps