Profile On: Cody Ambers!

Profile On: Cody Ambers!
Friday, June 01, 2012
Cody Ambers, #92C 305 Driver
By Joanne Cram

19 year old, Knoxville native, Cody Ambers has had his share of frustration in the short amount of time that the 2012 season has offered. With a 5th place finish at Bloomfield, Cody has had less luck with finishes here at Knoxville Raceway. His debut 2012 season race ended with a spectacular crash that claimed his Eagle Chassis, and left the motor shaken with issues that have plagued him ever since.

Cody and his family moved to Knoxville, Iowa from California, when Cody was just 11 years old to help his grandfather, Dan Ebright, start up English Creek Speedway south of town. Cody already had five years of karting experience under his belt, so a natural progression to the 500 cc class at English Creek was where he spent the remainder of his competitive karting career. Cody had his most successful karting years between the ages of 15 and 17, when he won the English Creek Nationals, was a two time winner of the Got Milk Nationals in Missouri, as well as the Wisconsin Nationals. He also claimed the English Creek Speedway title at the age of 15.

Cody knew his ultimate goal was to get into a sprint car. With older brother, Alan chasing his sprint car racing dreams, Cody looked up to him and wanted to compete at the same level. So, at the age of 18, 2011 was Cody’s rookie year in a 305 sprint car where he raced at Donnellson, Bethany, Missouri, and Knoxville, in an admittedly “huge transition” between karts and sprint cars. Cody was excited to be part of the new level of competition, and knows it has made him a better driver. He finished 9th in points at Knoxville, and enjoyed the traveling to different tracks to better his experience. Cody’s highlight of last season was racing in the 360 Nationals.

Cody’s goals for 2012 were to start the season off strong, and hope for top 5 finishes as often as he could grab them. With the inaugural 2012 night resulting in a destroyed car, things have been challenging so far this season. Thanks to Terry Alexander though, Cody is back in an Eagle Chassis trying to shake off the bumps to his motor as a result of night number one. The team also plans to continue hitting some of the 305 races nearby at tracks like Bloomfield.

Eventually, Cody hopes to move into the 360 and 410 classes of sprint cars, making racing a career. For now however, Cody enjoys working at Midstate Machine in Des Moines as a machinist, learning all he can about the sprint car ins and outs. When he’s not consumed with working on his car, Cody sneaks in time to hang out with his friends.

Sponsors of the Eagle/Midstate Machine 305 include Midstate Machine, Harmon Auto Glass, Lazer Car Wash, English Creek Speedway, and Northland Motor Oil. Crewing on the 92C are Stacy Alexander, Nolen Wilson, Austin Ganke, Lacy Zickel, Brian Gibson, and Jim Alexander. Family supporters are Grandparents, Dan and Ruth Ebright; and parents Mike Ambers and Tracy Stokes.

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