Heskin, Johnson Cleared on Mufflers

Heskin, Johnson Cleared on Mufflers
Tuesday, May 15, 2012

(Van Buren, Arkansas) Doug Schoenfeld, President of Arkansas-based Schoenfeld Headers has announced the results of an extensive investigation of sprint car mufflers, part #14272735-78 confiscated after Saturday night’s races. The issue came to light when Knoxville Raceway officials confiscated mufflers from 410 race winner Davey Heskin and 360 race winner Wayne Johnson.

“We have evaluated the mufflers that Knoxville officials sent to us and have determined that the problem was clearly a manufacturing oversight and not an alteration made by either of the race teams involved,” Doug Schoenfeld commented from his Arkansas headquarters. “We evaluated our assembly processes and found that the two inner core components were indexed improperly before being welded into the two outer halves. We have issued an in-house technical bulletin so our technicians know exactly how the components are to be indexed prior to final assembly. Our quality assurance team has also participated in the process and implemented programs for preventing this from occurring in the future.”

“We would like to express our sincere apologies to the race teams of Davey Heskin, Wayne Johnson and Knoxville Raceway for the inconvenience this issue may have caused.” As the industry leader in aftermarket racing headers and mufflers we are committed to providing quality products to our racing customers.

“Knoxville Raceway is committed to driver safety and fairness at all of our events. We appreciate the thoroughness and professionalism at Schoenfeld in this matter and have full confidence with them moving forward.” Stated Knoxville Race Director John McCoy.

Schoenfeld Headers believes the assembly oversight was limited to a very small production run. If anyone has a question regarding Schoenfeld mufflers part #14272735-78, please contact our customer service department at (479) 474-7529.