Eric Dailey Wins 20th Annual Harris Clash for the Modifieds!

Eric Dailey Wins 20th Annual Harris Clash for the Modifieds!
Tuesday, July 05, 2011
Eric Dailey Wins 20th Annual Harris Clash for the Modifieds!
by Bill Wright

KNOXVILLE RACEWAY, Knoxville, IA, July 5, 2011 – Persistence paid off for Eric Dailey, as he came out on top of the 20th Annual Harris Clash for IMCA modifieds at the Knoxville Raceway Tuesday night. The Armstrong, Iowa driver was awarded the richest win ($2,000) of his career aboard his #7 when Mike Long came up light at the scales after leading the entire 30-lap event.

Defending Harris Clash champion, Richie Gustin, effectively ended his repeat chances by smacking the wall before a lap could be completed. Long worked around front row starters, Ken Schrader and Randy Havlik early on to lead lap one once the green flap fell.

By lap five, fifth starter, Josh Foster, had moved into a solid second place, followed by Schrader, Havlik and JJ Wise. Jordan Brabouski made a move into fourth on the following lap after starting eleventh and the battle for third fourth and fifth was on, with the position changing several times.

Disaster struck for Foster on lap nine when he came to a rest in turn two. Long now led Havlik, Schrader, Wise and Grabouski back to green flap racing. Long earned $500 for leading the race at the halfway point, when for the first time in race history, a mandatory open red flag period was thrown.

Despite many changes to the field, Long remained out front. Jimmy Gustin got into the turn three wall on lap 17, bringing caution again. After the restart, Mark Elliott shot from fifth to third, as Schrader took over the second spot. John Allen came to rest, bringing another caution on lap 22. A series of mishaps involving Fred Schimmel, Curt Badker and former race winner, Jay Noteboom slowed the restart.

Dailey made a move from fourth to second shortly after the race did go green, as he shot by Schrader. Long remained out front, but came up light on the scales, handing Dailey his first win in the Harris Clash over a 74-car field.

“This was for Wayne Redmond (who was posthumously enshrined in Knoxville’s Hall of Fame last weekend),” said Dailey. “I know this was his home track. The restarts were making me nervous. I went with my gut after the open red, and I wondered how my tire would be. I don’t know how many times I had to pass Kenny Schrader. I’ve never won a $2,000 race, but this was a good one to do it at.”

Grabouski made a late pass for second, ahead of Schrader, Mike Van Genderen, Todd Shute, Jon Snyder, Johnny Saathoff, Mark Elliott and Josh Gilman.

Wise, Noteboom, Long, Elliott, Allen and Havlik won heats. Dan Ratajczack, Jon Snyder and Chris Abelson took the B mains.

20th Annual Harris Clash Results

Heat one, 10 laps, NT: 1. 68, JJ Wise, Manly, IA; 2. 1K, Pat Graham, Ames, IA; 3. 1+, Bill Davis Jr., Des Moines, IA; / 4. 73, Dan Ratajczak, Luxemburg, WI; 5. 83G, Josh Gilman, Earlham, IA; 6. 99M, Tim Murty, Tama, IA; 7. 87, Joel Bushore, Boone, IA; 8. 70, Jerry King, Waterloo, IA; 9. 27M, Mark Schulte, Delhi, IA; 10. 21, David Brown, Kellogg, IA; 11. 62, Greg Cox, Altoona, IA; 12. 20, Luke Wanninger, Jefferson, IA DNS – 22B, Brandon Banks, Washington, IA

Heat two, 10 laps, NT: 1. 7N, Jay Noteboom, Hinton, IA; 2. 77, Josh Foster, Fort Madison, IA; 3. 10M, Jeremy Mills, Garner, IA; / 4. 11, Alex Hanson, Kensett, IA; 5. 43, Scott Simatovich, State Center, IA; 6. 98s, Kevin Stoa, Albert Lea, MN; 7. 69N, Corey Wray, Jamesport, MO; 8. 12c, Kent Croskey, Polk City, IA; 9. 60, Kurt Krauskopf, Decorah, IA; 10. 28, JC Wyman, Griswold, IA; 11. 37, Mike Jergens, Plover, IA; DNS – 12J, Justin O’Brien, West Union, IA

Heat three, 10 laps, NT: 1. 18L, Mike Long, Keokuk, IA; 2. 19G, Richie Gustin, Gilman, IA; 3. 18, Jake Durbin, Perry, IA; / 4. 69x, Jon Snyder, Ames, IA; 5. 97M, David Murray Jr., Oberlin, KS; 6. 5T, Todd Inman, Des Moines, IA; 7. 13, Matt Waugh, Des Moines, IA; 8. 94, Fred Schimmels, Van Meter, IA; 9. 92, Jeff Stephens, Denison, IA; 10. 22, Jeff Ignaszewski, Wells, MN; 11. 28R, Russ Dickerson, Boone, IA 12. K1, Kyle Krampe, Baxter, IA; DNS – 1cc, Clayton Christensen, Spencer, IA

Heat four, 10 laps, 3:40.0: 1. 12, Mark Elliott, Webster City, IA; 2. 30, Jordan Grabouski, Fairbury, NE; 3. 45, Levi Nielson, Mason City, IA; / 4. 19, Jimmy Gustin, Marshalltown, IA; 5. 18H, Derek Hamm, Donnellson, IA; 6. 17R, Derek Reimer, Marshalltown, IA; 7. 77B, Brad Boyer, Monument, CO; 8. 46, Toby VandeKamp, Knoxville, IA; 9. 48J, Jacob Murray, Hartford, IA; 10. 49T, Tim Stevens, Cedar Rapids, IA; 11. 18F, Brian Foote, Essex, IA; 12. 76, Lance Borgman, Beatrice, NE;

Heat five, 10 laps, 3:41.2: 1. 98, John Allen, Chanute, KS; 2. 9, Ken Schrader, Concord, NC; 3. 7, Eric Dailey, Armstrong, IA; / 4. 58, Curt Badker, Clear Lake, IA; 5. 1x, Chris Abelson, Sioux City, IA; 6. 96J, Johnny Saathoff, Beatrice, NE; 7. 10E, Stacey Mills, Webb, IA; 8. 43x, Dan Mueller, Griswold, IA; 9. 12EH, Riley Emmel, Estevan, SK, Can; 10. 14, Tyler Cale, Donnellson, IA; 11. 2L, Adam Larson, Ames, IA; DNS – 51, Tyler VandeKamp, Knoxville, IA

Heat six, 10 laps, 3:45.0: 1. 3z, Randy Havlik, Madrid, IA; 2. 57V, Mike Van Genderen, Newton, IA; 3. 5, Todd Shute, Des Moines, IA; / 4. ZR1, Ryan Webb, Manilla, IA; 5. 3, Mike Albertsen, Audubon, IA; 6. 91, Shawn Ryan, Waterloo, IA; 7. 83, Kellen Chadwick, West Union, IA; 8. 81, Tom Charles, Bonner Springs, KS; 9. 21H, Jeff Hunter, Henderson, CO; 10. 8, Tony Snyder, Readlyn, IA; 11. 98x, Jeremy Brogard, Kanawha, IA; 12. 47s, Brandon Savage, Keokuk, IA;

B main one, 15 laps, NT: 1. Dan Ratajczak 2. Tim Murty 3. Josh Gilman 4. Joel Bushore / 5. Kurt Krauskopf 6. Mike Jergens 7. Brandon Banks 8. Scott Simatovich 9. Mark Schulte 10. Jerry King 11. Alex Hanson 12. Justin O’Brien13. JC Wyman14. Luke Wanninger 15. Kevin Stoa16. David Brown

B main two, 15 laps, NT: 1. Jon Snyder 2. David Murray 3. Fred Schimmels 4. Jimmy Gustin / 5. Matt Waugh 6. Derek Hamm 7. Brad Boyer 8. Jeff Stephens 9. Clayton Christensen 10. Todd Inman 11. Jeff Ignaszewski 12. Brian Foote13. Derek Reimer 14. Toby VandeKamp 15. Tim Stevens 16. Kyle Krampe 17. Lance Borgman

B main three, 15 laps, NT: 1. Chris Abelson 2. Johnny Saathoff 3. Curt Badker 4. Tom Charles 5. Dan Mueller 6. Shawn Ryan 7. Kellen Chadwick 8. Jeff Hunter 9. Tony Snyder 10. Tyler VandeKamp 11. Jeremy Brogard 12. Mike Albertsen 13. Riley Emmel 14. Adam Larson 15. Stacey Mills 16. Ryan Webb 17. Tyler Cale

A main (started), 30 laps, NT: 1. Eric Dailey (17) 2. Jordan Grabouski (11) 3. Ken Schrader (1) 4. Mike Van Genderen (7) 5. Todd Shute (18) 6. Jon Snyder (20) 7. Johnny Saathoff (24) 8. Mark Elliott (10) 9. Josh Gilman (25) 10. Randy Havlik (2)11. Tim Murty (22) 12. David Murray (23) 13. Levi Nielson (16) 14. Joel Bushore (28) 15. Pat Graham (6) 16. Tom Charles (30) 17. Bill Davis Jr. (13)18. Jake Durbin (15)19. Jay Noteboom (9) 20. Curt Badker (27) 21. Fred Schimmels (26) 22. John Allen (12) 23. JJ Wise (4) 24. Jeremy Mills (14) 25. Chris Abelson (21) 26. Jimmy Gustin (29) 27. Richie Gustin (8) 28. Josh Foster (5) 29. Dan Ratajczak (19) DQ (Light at Scales, crossed 1st) Mike Long (3). Lap Leader: Long 1-30.